Web Hosting Srbija

Web Hosting Srbija

Hosting is the place where your site is located. A domain is your name on the Internet so that others can find you more easily. For online success, you need a good name and good hosting. Among other things, they are crucial how fast your site will load and what your position Google Search Engine will be.
How to Find the Right Hosting for You?
You can easily type “hosting Srbija” in the Google search engine and choose the best web hosting for your site as well as an affordable domain. Each hosting provider, in addition to hosting, also offers a domain, so you can do everything in one place.

Web Hosting
Support is one of the key things when choosing hosting services, so watch who has the fastest and most affordable support. Avoid hosting providers that have support from 9 am to 5 pm and that do not work on weekends, because in such situations if you need help on Friday after 5 pm no one will answer you until Monday morning. When it comes to websites, this is a huge problem.
Speed ​​is the next thing that is especially important today when an average of 60% of visitors use mobile devices. Mobile phones generally do not use a faster Wi-Fi signal. People mainly use the mobile operators’ data transfer features. As they depend on the signal strength and the device itself, it could be up to several times slower. Therefore, every kilobyte is important, and in addition to good optimization, the speed of hosting is also extremely important.
You can check out our options. Currently, when web hosting has a LiteSpeed ​​web server and an NVMe SSD to store site files should be the best solution. Web Hosting Srbija has to offer all of this, and much more. We also offer very competitive prices.

Domain Registration
When registering a domain, you need to make sure that “whois“ protection is turned on, so you could avoid receiving spam.
When you buy a domain, our recommendation is to be local. So, if you create a website for people who speak Serbian and live in Serbia, you should buy a .rs domain (at Web Hosting Srbija, its price is 1700 dinars). If you create a German-speaking site, you should take a .de domain et cetera.
If you are creating a site to be globally present and attract global traffic, so, without a specific locale or country, then you should certainly think of .com, .net, and .info if you are looking for anything serious. You also have other extensions such as .shop, .site, .website, .top. They are technically the same as .com but are less represented.
We recommend that you choose the domain based on keywords, to get to the top more easily. This would mean the website does not have to be based on the name of your company. True, using your company name might seem more professional, but it takes significantly more effort and money to achieve the same effect.

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Vladimir Jocic 1 year ago

Web Hosting Serbia is really a good partners as their best thigs are , their support, (just few seconds) , server speed, prices and possibilities to negotiate, what you need for your server. I can recommend personally Djordje, the CEO. He was perosnally resolving all the issues we had and always foud the best solution. 5 stars from me !

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