The Importance of Keywords for Google Search

The Importance of Keywords for Google Search

When it comes to creating a website, it's very important to use the right keywords to obtain the right optimization and appear among the first results in organic search, just below paid ads. Google search keywords are those words or phrases that users enter into a search engine. Google uses its programs to recognize these words on your site (in the user-visible section, but also within the code) and thus determine whether your site is relevant for the search and whether it will appear in the results. 

The Basis of Search Engine Optimization 
Keyword research for websites and Google search are the basis of any good SEO (search engine optimization). If you are just planning a business presentation, you must include keywords for your business during its creation, because that will improve your ranking. A well-ranked site will show up more often during searches. Keyword research has become a science in itself, and there are plenty of tools on the market that can help you and your professionals stand out for themselves and their products. 
How to Find Good Keywords
As mentioned above, keywords help Google recognize your site as relevant to a search. They represent the shortest possible description of your business and target audience. With them, you achieve greater visibility on the Internet and stand out in the sea of ​​similar activities. You will ensure that the user searching for a product or product finds you, not the competition. You will also increase the relevance of the search, ie. if the user is interested in "running shoes" and you sell pretzels, your site will not appear in search results, because it is not a product that the user is looking for. But it is very important that someone who searches for "breakfast", "food", "bakery" or "pretzels" finds you. This is also achieved by applying a geo-location (ie. the search is based on the location of the device you are searching from), which ensures that the search results give suggestions in your vicinity. Thanks to that, you will not get into the situation that if you search for pretzels from New Belgrade, you will find John's bakery in New York. This is called search relevance.
Research, selection, and application of keywords in the texts and metadata are a very important item that should not be bypassed, because otherwise, you miss the relevant "traffic", ie. visit the presentation. As a result, you lose potential users of your services and leave them to the competition. The other extreme is that customers who are not interested in your products and services are directed towards you, which can arouse negative feelings towards your brand.
In addition to the obvious keywords, you can get ideas for some more using various software tools available in the market. The free Google Keyword Planner ( stands out. It is very intuitive to search, and its importance is great since it was developed by Google, the most influential and most represented search engine. In the "Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category" option, enter the most general keyword that is closely related to your business. Using the "Get ideas" button, you will get a list of results with useful information about the number of monthly searches for each of the offered keywords, as well as how much competition there is for them. Based on this information, experts can give you guidelines and recommendations on what would be best for your business. We would like to point out two more tools similar to it, the first is Although there is a free version, paid versions offer many more features, but to get some basic insight into the direction of work, a free version is enough. Another tool is SE Ranking. With it, you can gain insight into how your site ranks.
Just to summarize, keywords must be relevant to the business you are engaged in. This means that they do not attract irrelevant traffic by posting texts that contain keywords on all topics suggested by the search. In addition, Google is adapting its tools to the situation, so that it now recognizes the intentional attraction of irrelevant traffic (for example, better visibility of paid ads on your site, which aims only to earn from those ads) and excludes it from search results. Although we have tried to simply explain how search engine optimization works here, it is a very complex job performed by experts specializing in SEO and content writing. With the right support in this area, you can multiply the visibility of your presentation, and thus the customer base. VJ2Tech is a company that can help you with that.

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