Logo Design

Logo Design

The Importance of a Logo

Designing a logo and creating your digital identity (website) is something that should be entrusted to marketing specialists. It presents your trademark, your visual identity, and the first thing people will notice and remember. Your product can be the best, of the highest quality, your company could provide the best services, your business could bear the best name, but in the end, you always miss that one piece that will set you apart from the others. You need to easily and quickly penetrate the subconscious of your clients’ mind and be omnipresent. 
The client should first of all notice your brand, to be attracted by your visual identity, by what they notice at first glance. To be on top of the search results, it is not enough someone searches the internet for what you do, or to pay expensive advertisements. A good and striking logo increases your chances of being noticed and remembered. Pen with a company logo, memo on invoices or receipts, mark on the envelope, sticker on the delivery vehicle, work suit with the company logo… With all these little things, your business will seem more serious and professional, you will be omnipresent. Thus, when searching for a product or service, the customer will subconsciously recognize your brand and choose you. 

Characteristics of a Good Logo

Your logo must be simple to be generally applicable and easily recognizable. Although there are a few exceptions where successful companies have complex trademarks, this is generally not recommended. Cadillac is an example of having a logo, which was especially complex at the beginning. With each new redesign, its appearance got simplified. For example, Amazon, Ali Express, Nike sports equipment have their signs extremely simplified, and this is why they are also easy to remember and recognize. Even small children can draw them.
A practical reason why a complex logo is a bad choice is that it does not look good when reduced to small formats: business cards, memos, in the email header, on pencils, the complexity becomes unrecognizable, it turns into one ordinary stain, sometimes multicolored.
A successful and functional logo must therefore have a maximum of two to three colors and be so simplistic that anyone can draw it, you should be able to associate it with an activity, but on the other hand, it should be abstract enough. An example is a stylized sailboat with one trapezoid, triangle, and vertical line.

Logo and Your Visual Identity on the Internet 

Along with the logo, in the digital era, it is equally important to present yourself well in the virtual world. This is where internet domain, website and search engine optimization come into play. Phonebooks and yellow pages are out of use and anyone who needs a product or service will find them by searching through the internet. If you're not at the top of the first search page, preferably just below paid ads, you're virtually non-existent and you're missing out on business opportunities.
Since you are looking for ways to reduce your investment costs at the beginning of your business, good SEO, good visual identity can do more than paid ads and present a relatively inexpensive way to advertise well. That is why it is of utmost importance when starting and developing a business to contact a company with a capable team of designers and professionals who will find the best solution for the entire package: internet domain, website, SEO optimization for organic search, and logo. They will go through the process of assessing the target audience and market with you and arrange the creation of a digital identity.

Getting a Good Trademark 

Very creative and imaginative people need only a few moments to visually express what someone's business plan implies. However, in large companies, logos are created by teams of people: from marketing experts, through psychologists, to artists. Therefore, smaller companies delegate this work to experts who deal with it. A company logo must meet the criteria of simplicity and impressiveness. It should convey a message to customers and point them out the nature of your product. The team that can make such a logo works at VJ2TECH. Our goal is not just a satisfied customer. Our goal is to influence popular culture in the way that other large technology companies have influenced it.

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