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Our Team

VJ2Tech’s team consists of experienced senior developers and fresh graduates eager to prove themselves. This presents a winning combination in a dynamic and ever-changing IT market. Our websites are appealing, striking, and well adapted to different display formats. The interactive user experience we create attracts everyone. We transpose your ideas into a complete digital reality. Our experts are profound in numerous modern tools: Java, Javascript, PHP, CSS, Node.js and follow the latest trends in this industry.

Skillful Team of Experts

People from VJ2Tech have been creating optimized and secure websites for over 20 years. A well-tuned team of experts can offer you a completely new visual identity, whether it concerns merely a logo or a fully functional website. The backbone presents a team of experienced experts from various IT fields. We also gave a chance to young people who help our business thrive on fresh blood and new ideas. Our experts spend a lot of time on further development and learning new things, as this is the only way to stay ahead and foresee the newest trends.

Digital Marketing and SEO

VJ2Tech consists of talented developers, designers, and experts in digital marketing and search engine optimization of your websites. To be visible in this new more and more digital world, your presentation must be at the top of organic Google search, or people would not know you even existed. It doesn't matter whether your visual identity is perfect or if you have an attractive website, it must be optimized – the backend, its non-visible part, must be done perfectly. And honestly, we are experts in this field and have a track record to prove this.

Our Services

App and Website Development

Do you need a simple, but secure application for your operations or to track expenses, do you need a complicated ERP-like system, or just a functional website that will serve as your business card? You are at the right address. We have nothing against "shops" and "business pages" on Facebook, but without costly social media marketing, your business would not have a good reach. Probably only your friends would know you’ve even had a business, but they already know this. You would be invisible to the majority of Internet users who search keywords on Google that coincide with your business offering or description and in this way, you would have a lot of missed opportunities.

Web Design

Are you are looking for a presentation of your business so people could easily find you when performing a search? Do you need a complicated website for online sales? You are in the right place. If you offer services (for example, you are a hairdresser or make stamps, or if your business cleans carpets) it is important that during the search, your website is recognized as relevant. This is where geolocation and demographics play an important role. If the person searching to find where to clean a carpet lives in New York, he/she will not want to have a recommendation for services of restoring old furniture on the other side of the Globe. Our experts can optimize this for you.

Website Optimization

We find that the performance of a website is similar to a contest, and our goal is to be first. When a customer finds you while "Googling" your website must be fast enough to immediately lead them to the desired information or product. Our team of developers uses advanced tools during coding and can make this happen. If you already have a website, we will redesign it to optimize all its functions and its speed, we will modernize its appearance, and most importantly, we guarantee improved security. We are also aware that people use various screen sizes. This is why we take into account how the website is displayed on different devices.

Graphic Design

We create professional logos and trademarks per clients' requests. Modernize your brand, give your business a new identity. Let people recognize you with ease. Use an effective logo on invoices, letters, emails, parcels... A simple and striking logo is easy to remember, and even easier to recognize. That is why it is very important to have a professional develop it for you.

Optimum Performances

Through our innovative, attractive websites and programs, companies will see their business boost. An optimized website with good performance means users will get the information they want faster. Since a webpage showcases your company, it is of uttermost importance the user has a positive experience. They should easily and quickly find the required information on mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Our dedicated team of professionals will work with you responsibly and we guarantee we will find the best solution for you.

Continuous Support

Website creation, supporting services for its design, optimization, configuration, installation, and maintenance, are just some of the services we offer. We appreciate long-term cooperation and offer additional benefits. Contact us and we will send you an offer that suits your business and its needs.

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